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Expanding Your Perspective

Large employers have been aware of the high cost of employee turnover for many years. The expense of bringing a new employee on-board and bringing them up to an acceptable level of productivity extends over months if not years. While many opinions exist over “why” employees leave an employer, successful employers have adopted the following perspective which has reaped substantial rewards:

“Do my employees believe they can fulfill their personal and professional goals being employed by our Company? Can they achieve the financial security they expect for themselves and their families? Does our Company give them the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of their chosen profession”?

Employers who view their employee relationships through this prism have seen significant reductions in turnover and dramatic increases in productivity. They have found once an employee believes his/her personal and professional goals can be achieved where they are they simply stop looking for something better. They focus on the job at hand; contributing their best effort toward the success of the Company. A successful Company now becomes a win-win for the employee and the shareholders.

Your Company’s Retirement Plan is a critical component of your employees overall financial security. Aligning your Retirement Plan with the long term financial goals of your employees is a major step towards their financial independence. The Principals of Reedmark Advisors have been designing successful Retirement Plans for over 40 years. Allow us to demonstrate how decades of experience can differentiate your Plan and your Company from your competitors.

Anthony J. Pascazio, CLU, AIF®
President & CEO
Reedmark Advisors, LLC.

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