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Our Firm

We recognize retirement plan sponsors and their key staff members have many responsibilities outside the organization’s sponsored retirement plans. Our role is to ensure all plans under our care continuously meet plan sponsors’ needs while benefiting plan participants. In addition, it is our responsibility to ensure all plans remain regulatory and fiduciarily compliant.

Our assignments and engagements range from evaluating an existing plan’s strengths, weaknesses, regulatory and fiduciary status. We also review the investment options and the quality of the recordkeeping and administrative functions. Recommendations can encompass total plan redesign and specific compliance remedies. We may engage a new plan record keeper, custodian, directed trustee and/or replace the fund menu.

Our expertise enables us to review Executive Supplemental Retirement Plans (SERPS) to determine their overall operational efficiency. These assignments follow a comprehensive process, with the results often being shared directly with Finance Committees, Compensation Committees, and full Boards of Directors or Trustees.

Reedmark is an independent firm. We are not owned by a retirement plan administrative service provider, investment institution, mutual fund company, or an insurance company. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor we have no affiliation to any Broker Dealer

Our Commitment

The cornerstone of our firm has been Reedmark’s commitment to always provide unbiased advice and recommendations to our clients 100% of the time without exception. We operate under a fiduciary standard for the benefit of our clients.

Our Guiding Principle

When an assignment is accepted, we will complete it to the best of our ability, regardless of the time it takes, expenses we incur, or the energy required. It is our goal to achieve the very best for our clients.